Thursday 30 December 2010

Street Art in São Paulo

Every where I go in São Paulo, and I haven't been around a lot yet, I come across graffiti: beautiful paintings of airbrush, spray paint, paintbrush, marker, chalk and sometimes even with parts of magazines. They are made by famous local artists and amateurs alike.

Today DD and I went to Vila Madalena, a hip neighbourhood of São Paulo with some lovely eateries, shops and galleries. We walked around for a little while looking around and soaking up the bohemian atmosphere. Unfortunately many shops were closed due to the Holiday Season.
When we wanted to take a taxi back home, we had to walk a bit further down the road and stumbled upon a street full with amazing graffiti. I want to go back and spend more time looking at all these colourful street art.

Back home I looked for more information about this kind of urban art on the internet and found that "the Pixadores, as graffiti artists are called in São Paulo, find room for their art alongside city freeways, on the walls of abandoned warehouses, and even atop high-rise apartment buildings. While it's still common for police to prosecute pixadores for illegal graffiti writing, many artists now receive government commissions to display their work in public spaces."



  1. How interesting! I never understood the aversion they have "here" against all graffiti!

  2. Wauw..... dat ziet er indrukwekkend uit! Heerlijk om nu weer allerlei nieuwe dingen te ontdekken! Én samen met je dochter! Helemaal top! Groetjes, Hubertine

  3. Dat ziet er mooi uit.

  4. Welcome to São Paulo and happy new year!


  5. Hi Hilde, welcome to São Paulo.
    There's a bit diference between "pixadores" who are the people that usally only do letters witn black paint in the buildings of the city, and the graffiti artists, called "grafiteiros". The grafiteiros do beautifull ans artistic draws, and receive as incentive from the population and now from the government also. You will find in the walls of São Paulo, many colorfull draws from "Os Gêmeos" and others good grafiteiros.
    São Paulo, isn't a very easy city, but i hope you enjoy my home city ! :)


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