About me

Hi, my name is Hilde Hoogwaerts-Cayman, I am a Dutch lady, 58 years old, married with 2 kids who have left home many moons ago.
My husband's job took us around the world and for the past 28 years we have been living in Rotterdam, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Genoa, Barcelona, Singapore, Saigon, Sao Paulo, Santiago - Chile and Accra - Ghana.

In Atlanta I became infected with the quilter’s virus and I have been making quilts ever since. In Singapore, a dear friend introduced me to box making and together we started giving workshops. Under the name of "Geckoboxes" I continued doing so after I moved to Saigon.

Right now we are living in West Africa and the African fabrics are a delight to work with, as well in the quilts as for making the boxes. Here in Accra I started again with the workshops box making and use mainly African fabrics.

You can find more info about the box making workshops on my Facebook page Geckoboxes

You can contact me on: geckoboxes at gmail dot com