Saturday 25 December 2010

My first Christmas in Brazil

These pictures are taken outside a restaurant near our apartment. I thought these Christmas figures were very funny, unfortunately the quality of the picture is not so good as it was already getting dark.
Outside temperature today is 32 Celsius and the streets are very quit. Usually there is a lot of traffic on the roads and noisy Harley motorbikes are speeding around the corners. But today families are enjoying themselves in the park playing ball games, walking or having a lazy picnic on the grass.

We enjoyed a peaceful morning with fresh breads from the bakery on the corner, yes, this one is open today! Sun on the terrace and music from the kids' itunes collections and coffee with panettone. My DD and DS have to warm up a bit after escaping the cold weather from London/Holland and New York.

People often wonder what language we speak at home when we live abroad, outside of the Netherlands. Well, I can assure you we speak Dutch and our daily life does not make any difference from the way we live in Holland! It is basically the same as anywhere else, except being in a different location.

Fresh products @ the grocery, the gas is finally installed and a funny face on the broom

What does chances are the products in the shop, the climate you have to adjust to, setting up your social life and the language you speak outside your home.
At home we always speak Dutch, although the kids are more comfortable in English. They have learned the Dutch grammar during their secondary and high school years (lagere en middelbare school) and that is something I always found very important. It is simply a way of installing their Dutch roots while living overseas.

This Christmas quilt is still in the container with all my other stuff, but I found the picture on my computer. I made it while living in Singapore, about 7 years ago. Hopefully the container will be released in about 2 weeks time by the custom officials. Too late for this quilt to be put up on the wall, but I will hang it out just to give it some fresh air after being stored for more than 18 months...
Until that time we explore our new city and do all the washings by hand ;-)

Enjoy your weekend! Hilde


  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Hilde.
    Luckily, our service apartment has a washer & dryer so the initial washings by hand (in the Tokyo hotel) has stopped. We are waiting for our containers too. Warm & hot wishes from Dubai !

  2. Beautiful quilt! Did you make it at Ira's?

  3. Ha Hilde,
    Wat wonderlijk om in zulk warm weer kerst te vieren. Geniet van je gezin deze kerstdag,
    groetjes Marijke

  4. Kerst gaat toch om het samen zijn! Een kerstquilt op je beeldscherm telt ook een beetje.
    Fijne dagen

  5. Nice quilt, Hilde! Fijn dat de kinderen er zijn!
    Groet, Hennie

  6. I love the quilt. I hope you receive your things soon. I can't imagine not having my things when I moved, and waiting for them, especially my sewing!!

  7. Hi Hilde! Welcome to São Paulo!!!I hope that you like to live here. If you need something,please email me! I live far from you (you know, São Paulo is too big!), in north zone, but I hope that any time you can visit the atelier where I learn patchwork....Sorry about my english, but I think that we can understand one each other...
    Good luck in this new stage of your life!!


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