Monday, 12 October 2020

Charm Packs with 42 different African prints!

It's about time to start cutting into my African fabric stash to make Charm Packs! 
I love Charm Packs because they are a fast and fun way to make an effective quilt. Especially with the abundance of colours in the African prints these fabrics will make everybody happy.
One charm pack is a bundle of 42 pieces of 5" squares of pre-cut fabric.

42 different prints in one Charm Pack

Most African prints are sold by the yard or even by 6 yards! When I bought my fabrics in Accra - Ghana I often came home with 6 yards of one print. If I was lucky they cut off 2 yards of one print. So the best thing was to go with some friends and split the 6 yards between us. There were always so many beautiful prints available at the markets that we often came home carrying heavy bags full with fabrics! So it's about time to cut them up and share with whoever is interested.

A stack of pre-cut Charm Packs

Things you can do with a Charm Pack

With the Holiday season ahead of us and to keep ourselves sane during these insecure times it's just fun to make small presents for our loved ones like coasters, placemats, a baby quilt, a tote bag, etc. For a baby quilt for instance, you need 2 charm packs. By using a charm pack as a beginner quilter you can grow your skills by making small projects.

A baby quilt made with 5" squares

Now available!

These Charm Packs are now available through my Etsy shop or by contacting me by email, see contact form at the top right. I also sell African FQs too. If you are interested just send me a note and I will get back to you! 

Cheers! Hilde

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Online live Kaleidoscope Quilt Class

Dear Quilting friends,

In the last couple of weeks I have been busy designing and teaching online quilt classes for the Kaleidoscope Quilt based on the technique by Ricky Tims. In this class I show you how I use my African fabrics. The first lessons via Zoom have been fun and there is one more class coming up!

This online quilt class consists of three (3) lessons of about one hour each, once a week. This means you will have plenty of time to work on making your own design and templates, cut out the fabrics and sew the quilt together. In this workshop we work with the book "Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts" by Ricky Tims and I show you how to work with the bold African prints.

Lesson 1 is about how to design your own templates and how to cut the fabrics

Lesson 2 is about how to sew the fabrics together

Lesson 3 is a Show & Tell where everyone will show what they have made so far and we will talk about the different ways you can finish the Kaleidoscope quilt.

Live online lessons

These workshops are for small groups, 6-10 students, and are taught using the online platform Zoom, that allows you to see and interact with me and the other class participants. At the scheduled time, we will log in together, everyone can see everyone else, so you can share work and ask questions. You can view the class on a computer, tablet or phone (you may need to download the app). You will receive login instructions including links and passwords by email on the morning of the class. 

Still a few places available!

This workshop started with the members of the Facebook group Quilt Africa Fabrics Tribe after my masterclass/demonstration at a live Facebook event. The upcoming quilt class is open to every one wants to know more about this technique. You can register HERE.

Maybe I will see you next week Saturday October 10th at 1PM EST (NY), 10AM PST (LA), 7PM CEST (A'dam).

Love, Hilde

Thursday, 16 July 2020

For the love of African Fabrics

Still from my introduction to box making video
Still from my introduction to Box Making video

A few days ago I was interviewed by Miriam Galadima - Benson of Quilts Africa Fabrics in Nigeria. We talked about our passion for African Fabrics and I showed her a few of my quilts. Due to delayed internet connection the video is sometimes blurred and not always in sync. This created hilarious moments! ;)

The interview is now on my Youtube channel.

In the first part of this video is a short introduction video to box-making included. At 21 minutes the interview starts where I tell a little bit about my creative journey and show some of my African Quilts.

Introduction to Box Making video

If you would like to watch the introduction to Box Making video only (or have a better sight) click on the link here below! Maybe even better: subscribe to my channel!

Have fun watching!

Groetjes, Hilde

Monday, 6 July 2020

Facebook event about the African Fabrics this week!

This week you can join the online summit organised by Quilt Africa Fabrics! For free!
For 4 days, from the 8th till the 11th of July, every day from 1PM - 4PM EST (7 - 10 pm Amsterdam time), there will be 3 speakers who will talk about their inspirations and their work with African Fabrics.

All the speakers will be live!
And I will be there too!
This coming Saturday, July 11th, at 2PM EST (8PM Amsterdam) I will show you in a short video how I make a box using a bold African print, followed by an interview with Miriam from Quilt Africa Fabrics.

The only thing you need to do is register for this Live Facebook event HERE.
If you can't watch the artists life you will be able to watch the sessions on a later time.

Hope to see you there!

Groetjes, Hilde

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Quilting curves in Corona times

Afternoon sunlight shines through the finish top

During the past few months, when we all suddenly needed to stay indoors as much as possible, I started making a new quilt, my Corona Quilt! With many curves and waves in African colours. For this Double Wedding Ring quilt I wanted the rings to run differently, more like snakes, through the design.

On my design wall

Some close-ups

The center block is made with the African print called 'wedding ring'

Using my 4 wooden sticks to sandwich the quilt

With my quilting threads nearby in one of my Gecko Boxes I am now quilting by hand, one block at the time. I am not in a rush as I know this Corona quilt is giving me comfort while working on it.

Groetjes, Hilde

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Spring Sale at Geckoboxes!

Since all craft markets, exhibitions and you name it have been canceled for the coming months I had to make up my mind!
I was supposed to have a stand at the Textile Festival 2020 next month and made
 quite a few boxes in different colours and sizes. As some are bigger than others and I have not really the space to keep them all hiding until next year's Festival, I decided to have a SPRING SALE at my Etsy shop!

Hop on over to my tiny WebShop and have a look around.
I ship worldwide ;)

Groetjes, Hilde 

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

A new quilt in Purple and Green

The combination of Purple and Green is one of my favourites.
This combo just brings me joy and happiness. So working on this quilt was simply fun!
This is an American size Twin quilt measuring 67" x 87" (170 x 220cm) and
it's available in my Etsy Shop!

To show it on a single bed I had to bring the spare bed outside as my working table is in the quest room!
Don't worry, our guests can sleep inside whenever they stay over for the night! I just need to clear my studio when they come! ;)

The backside fabric is a soft cotton in green and beige and made by Julius Holland, one of the better companies that make African prints in The Netherlands.
All fabrics from the top are bought in Ghana.

Handmade with love
The final stitches are made to put the label in place.

Me, my dog and my love for making!

Groetjes, Hilde