Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Spring Sale at Geckoboxes!

Since all craft markets, exhibitions and you name it have been canceled for the coming months I had to make up my mind!
I was supposed to have a stand at the Textile Festival 2020 next month and made
 quite a few boxes in different colours and sizes. As some are bigger than others and I have not really the space to keep them all hiding until next year's Festival, I decided to have a SPRING SALE at my Etsy shop!

Hop on over to my tiny WebShop and have a look around.
I ship worldwide ;)

Groetjes, Hilde 

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

A new quilt in Purple and Green

The combination of Purple and Green is one of my favourites.
This combo just brings me joy and happiness. So working on this quilt was simply fun!
This is an American size Twin quilt measuring 67" x 87" (170 x 220cm) and
it's available in my Etsy Shop!

To show it on a single bed I had to bring the spare bed outside as my working table is in the quest room!
Don't worry, our guests can sleep inside whenever they stay over for the night! I just need to clear my studio when they come! ;)

The backside fabric is a soft cotton in green and beige and made by Julius Holland, one of the better companies that make African prints in The Netherlands.
All fabrics from the top are bought in Ghana.

Handmade with love
The final stitches are made to put the label in place.

Me, my dog and my love for making!

Groetjes, Hilde

Monday, 10 February 2020

'Bird Dance' found a new home

One of my favourite Bird quilts has flown out of the nest.
I was finally ready to let it go...
Because I knew the new nest would be welcoming it with love, I was able to send it across the ocean.

'Bird Dance' is a 1 meter square quilt mounted on a canvas frame.
It is one in a series of African Kaleidoscopic quilts I made when living in Ghana for 3 years. While making these kind of quilts I tried by bringing together odd colours and African prints in a certain way the kaleidoscope, or mandala, would come out better every time I made a new one.

close-up of Bird Dance

All fabrics used are genuine African textiles from the GTP factory in Ghana and Vlisco in The Netherlands. 

Especially the red bird print is one of my favourite African prints. 
It comes in many different colours and has many different meanings.

Swallows are a symbol of good luck. However the print also symbolises asking for a favour, such as the hand of a young woman. In Benin the print signifies asking for permission to have an audience with the king, while in Togo the print is called 'Air Afrique' because the fabric was used in the uniform of the local airline company.
In Ghana the pattern refers to the transience of riches: rich today, poor tomorrow, for money has wings and can fly away. (*source Vlisco Fabrics*)

Don't worry, I don't feel like I have an empty nest now! 
On the contrary: I am making space for new projects! If you are interested in my quilts and/or boxes please keep an eye on my webshop at Etsy as I will be adding more items soon.

Cheers, Hilde

Thursday, 5 December 2019

A Box Update!

As promised: a picture of the final result of the hatboxes with their clasps and handles! 
The blue coloured leather matches beautiful with the fabric.

And on to the next deadline for my handmade boxes! 
In about 2 weeks time I will be joining the 'Wintersalon' of the Maaskoe Gallery in Rotterdam. Together with other artists I will be showing my boxes and some of my quilts and wall art! The walls and tables will be full of art and all will be for sale!

However, since we have a Parson Russell Terrier puppy my time in my studio is much less than I thought it would be! He is very interested in the cardboard pieces of the boxes... ;)

Still I managed to make a nice selection of different boxes like tea caddies,
gift boxes and boxes for all kinds of little treasures.

If you are in the area and still need some handmade Christmas presents please hop by at the 
Maaskoe Gallery and maybe you will find the perfect gift for your loved ones! 
The exhibition is on from December 14th until 29th, Thursday through Sunday 12.00 - 17.00.

Groetjes, Hilde

Monday, 4 November 2019

Back to the studio!

It's been a while since I posted last time but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything! My strength is coming back, physically as well as emotionally, and very important: it's starting to itch to go back into my studio and start making again!

I was lucky to have had an order to make hatboxes and slowly get back into making. First I made a sample with African fabrics which turned out really well if I may say so ;)

The front

The back/bottom with the hinges made out of fabric


After this one was approved I was asked to make 8 more with fabric provided for by 'Queen of Your Castle', a special coaching program for women to build up inner strength.
They embroidered their logo on the fabric for the lid before giving it to me. The handles and clasps will be added onto the boxes later by the client. Hope to show you a picture later!

Happy to be making again!

Cheers, Hilde

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Sunburst Quilt in full size!

 Op de laatste Patchwork en Quiltdagen 2019 in Rijswijk was deze quilt ook te bewonderen.
De afmeting is 2,30 x 2,30 meter.

This quilt was also displayed at the latest Patchwork and Quilt days in Rijswijk (NL).
It measures 90" x 90"


Detail Sunburst

Toen deze quilt eenmaal naast de andere quilts hing kreeg ik pas door hoe groot hij eigenlijk is.
When the quilt was finally hanging in between the others, I only realised the size of it.

With Maggie and Iris

Twee vriendinnen kwamen over uit het buitenland om mij en mijn Afrikaanse quilts te zien! We kennen elkaar uit de tijd dat we alle drie in Singapore woonden en lid waren van de lokale quiltgroep.

Two dear friends from my time in Singapore came by to see me and my African quilts.
We know each other from the time we all lived in Singapore and were members of the local quilting group.


Deze quilt kwam een jaar geleden tot stand en begon met een paar hoopjes van stofresten...
This quilt came about almost one year ago and started with e few heaps of scraps...

Met de 15-minuten-spelen technique kwamen de Afrikaanse diamanten tevoorschijn...
With the 15-minutes-of-play the African diamonds came alive...

Mijn ontwerpmuur was al snel te klein...
My design wall became too small pretty soon...

Toen de top eenmaal klaar was en nog niet gequilt ...
When the top was finished and not yet quilted...

Groetjes, Hilde

Monday, 22 April 2019

Hello, I am back!

'Fly away with me'

Hallo, daar ben ik weer!
Na de laatste blogpost is het stil geweest vanwege de chemokuur voor de Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in mijn kieren. De chemo is aangeslagen en er zijn geen kankercellen meer traceerbaar! 
Nu is het een kwestie van rustig aan doen, conditie opbouwen en proberen weer in de quilt-modus te komen.
Maar eerst mocht ik mijn werk exposeren tijdens de Patchwork en Quiltdagen 2019 in Rijswijk!

Hello, I am back!
After my last blogpost it has been quiet due to the chemo treatment for the Non-Hodgkin-Lymphoma in my glands. It worked! There are no more cancer cells visible! Now it's 'simply' a matter of taking it easy, build up my stamina and get back into my quilting routine! 
But first I was able to show my work at the exhibition of a Patchwork-and-quilt-show in Rijswijk, Holland!

My own 'gallery' (panoramic picture)

Voor deze quiltshow mocht ik 40 meter vullen. Met 13 verschillende werkstukken en verschillende foto's die iets vertelden over de herkomst van de verschillende materialen die ik hiervoor heb gebruikt, leek het net of ik mijn eigen galerie had. De meeste werkstukken had ik gelukkig al klaar voordat ik ziek werd, enkele heb ik gemaakt tijdens de chemo periode. Het werken naar deze show toe heeft mij enorm geholpen om positief te blijven tijdens de afgelopen maanden.

I was able to show 13 different pieces over a length of 40 meters in total, accompanied with pictures which showed the heritage of the materials I used for this show. It felt like being in my own gallery. Most of the items were already finished before I got sick, some of them I made during my treatment. Working towards this show really pulled me through the days in between the chemo's and helped me to stay positive.

Some fabrics in my 'shop'
Gedurende deze dagen waren de stofjes waarmee ik de quilts gemaakt heb ook te koop. 
Binnenkort hoop ik ze ook op mijn online Etsy winkeltje te plaatsen.

During these days the fabrics I used for my quilts were for sale. 
They will be for sale at my online Etsy shop soon.

Show and Tell Time

De caleidoscoop quilt 'Fly Away With Me' kreeg heel veel complimenten. Het is dan ook een joekel van 3x3 meter! Door het kleurgebruik lijkt deze quilt bijna 3D, er zit diepte in. Een van de vragen die vaak gesteld werd was: "hoe lang heeft u hier over gedaan?" Het antwoord is ongeveer 4 maanden, verspreid over een jaar. Hij is (nog) niet te koop, ik hoop dat ik er nog een keer mee mag exposeren. ;)

The kaleidoscope quilt 'Fly away with me' received a lot of compliments. It is an huge quilt as it measures 9 feet 10! It looks like the star comes out of the quilt, like a 3D object, due to the way I used the different colours. The most common question asked was: "how long did it take you to make this one?" The answer is about 4 months, spread out over a period of 1 year. It is not for sale (yet) as I hope to show it at some other exhibitions. ;)

Het was zo leuk dat zoveel vrienden, familie en volgers kwamen kijken, het was gewoon een groot feest! In de volgende blogpost zal ik de andere quilts van dichterbij laten zien.
Hier zijn alvast wat foto's en een filmpje van 'mijn galerie'!

So many friends, family and followers came by to say Hi, it was just overwhelming! 
In the next postings I will show you close-ups of the other quilts as well.
In the meantime here are some pictures and a video from 'my gallery'!

Groetjes, Hilde