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Gecko Boxes is specialised in custom made boxes for many occasions.

The technique of making decorative boxes out of cardboard is called French Cartonnage.
Every box is a unique piece. They can be square or rectangular from shape and can be of any reasonable size. Decorative in your home, they are useful to store your jewellery, remote controls, pictures, your husband’s cuff links, business cards, napkins, etc.
Hilde Hoogwaerts is from The Netherlands and has spent the last 21 years overseas in various countries. She learned this craft in Singapore and together with a friend started workshops “Cartonnage” or “Box Making”. The classes became quite successful and soon they had a waiting list of people eager to learn this skill.
After Singapore and Saigon she now teaches box making in São Paulo, Brazil.

The workshops are always fun, partly because the groups are kept small. A maximum of 4 participants will do the class at Hilde’s home. All material and equipment is provided as well as refreshments. The boxes are made in two morning sessions, from 9 till 12. However, one-day workshops can be arranged subject to a sufficient number of participants.

You follow a ten-step procedure laid out in a handy instruction booklet for you to keep and it is possible to do this course for various levels. After one course you will be able to create your own personal boxes which can be made in different shapes for different uses!

Expect to work with materials such as cardboard, bookbinders linen, decorative papers or fabric, water based glue and ribbons and tassels to give the boxes the finishing touch.

It is always fun to browse through the large collection of imported papers to find your favourite combination of papers and linen for your own box. Hilde has never seen one box the same because everybody has a different taste.
Even those who think they are not creative or handy at all will go home with a beautiful finished product they can be proud of.

All in all these mornings are very enjoyable and creative. Classes are from 9 till 12 and are given upon request. If a group of four friends have any special box-making requests, one-day workshops can be arranged.
For more information please e-mail Hilde hilde@geckoboxes.com

There is more...!
Intermediate level: learn how to cover your box with fabric
Advanced level: learn how to make a box-within-a-box

For more information about the workshop please contact:


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Hilde takes small orders for custom made boxes. Tea bags, wine bottles, remote controls, business cards, name it, they all can be stored in a decorative box. If you have no time to make a box yourself she can make one for you. This is the perfect way to 'wrap' your presents for family, friends or clients.