Sunday 2 January 2011

First stitches...

The last month of 2010 has been such a hectic time, a roller coaster of emotions and impressions that I want to sit down and take time to relax and read, listen to the music and do a bit of sewing. My first stitches of 2011 in my new home in a new country!

From one of his clients Paul received a bottle of wine in a wooden box. Just what I needed! Of course I mean the box! ;-)

In Holland we have the word 'lappenmand' which means remnant basket. Well, this one from now on is my lappenmand until our container comes with my real stuff! There is hope: maybe in 2 weeks time it will all arrive on my doorstep.

The weather forecast for today spells rain, rain, rain. I love it! Time to sit down, relax and make a few stitches. Hilde


  1. I love your lappenmand! It's perfect! And I'm sure the wine was good too (helps to relax;)....
    We're having a very wet day as well, as a matter of fact, the rainy season has started in earnest. Have a good week ahead. Vreni x

  2. The box is just perfect!
    Happy new year and happy quilting!

  3. Wat een schattige huisjes worden het!
    En een echt houten doos mmm.... kan ook nog later een echte geckobox worden, hihi!
    groetjes Marijke

  4. What a great use for the box. I love it. I love boxes, all shapes and siszes. They are so much fun.Great organizers. I hope your things show up soon.

  5. Wat een mooi kist en vooral de vulling is erg mooi. Ik wens je een gewelidge dag met regen toe, zodat je kunt quilten.

  6. Prachtige kist, wat klein, maar tot je grote container komt, kun je in ieder geval vooruit.
    Ik kijk uit naar je verhalen over je nieuwe omgeving.

  7. De tafel ziet er erg gezellig uit, prachtig schaartje! De huisjes zijn ook erg mooi, om verliefd op te worden!

  8. Don't do too much or I'll never be able to keep up (actually catch up by now)


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