Saturday 25 September 2010

Oh no!!

 Just when I went to the kitchen, the spool of Aurifil thread fell on the floor. This thread comes in handy to sew together another pincushion I am making for a dear friend. I did not pay much attention to it until I heard a funny noise near the sofa.
Oh no!! My dog thought it to be a fun toy and was carefully chewing it!
No way!! Go back into your basket, you naughty boy!

Uhhh, it wasn't me.....


  1. Naughty boy indeed ;). I hope you could salvage some of the thread!

  2. Ah ha ha, I could not tell what it was until I read the post. Too funny - naughty dog! And then you have the perfect picture of the I'm sorry face, but how can you be mad at me? I am so cute!
    ha ha

  3. Maar.... hihihi het is wel een leuk verhaal

  4. Weet je zeker dat het niet hond nr 2 was? Deze kijkt echt onschuldig! Smaak te pakken van de pincushions?

  5. poor thing - he's not chewing it - just trying to pick it up from the floor for you... well this was the original intention!


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