Thursday 23 September 2010

You've got mail!

When I read Jeannet's post from yesterday I realized I better finish that pincushion before more projects are spread out on the table! I got so enthusiastic that I had to pay extra postal charges for the pincushion became too fat!! I know, I know, Jeannet had warned us before and gave the tip to leave some filling out, but then it wouldn't look as good....
Hopefully my pincushion is going to be appreciated by the new owner. A sneak preview.....

Today I got Siggie-mail! My no 2 Siggie! ;-D
This Siggie project is fun! Especially when the mail drops in your mailbox unexpectedly. So if you are one of those Siggie collectors, please send me yours and I will send you mine!

These Siggies came from Annelies van den Bergh and Marjo van Oers. If you would like to join, please take a look at Annelies' blog.



  1. Keep away from heavy pincushions. :-))))
    I hope you will enjoy the exchange of siggies very much.

  2. Although I can't see the sneak peek (the photo won't load) I'm sure the pin cushion turned out lovely. I have never heard of a siggie project and will have to take a look at Annelies' blog. Hugs Vreni xx

  3. Super, Super leuk, zo'n Pincushion Swap!!!! Je blijft er naar kijken!

    Groet, Hennie

  4. @Hennie: Aah, mooi zo! Ben blij dat je hem mooi vindt!


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