Sunday 26 September 2010

First Aid Sewing Kit

With these bright coloured materials I took a lesson for making a new sewing bag. It is so much fun working with these green matching colours I have to be careful not to get carried away!

For the outside I used paper piecing. Before the next fabric was being stitched on, I added a ribbon with contrasting coloured thread . This way most seams are covered. Around the flowers I dis some machine quilting.

On the inside, the pockets are made with double folded fabrics to make them a bit more sturdy. The rings can be used for strings of embroidery threads.

In between the outside and inside there are 2 pieces of batting. The whole kit measures 25x46 cm (10.5x17.5").

This will be my new First Aid Kit for my next sewing emergencies!

Happy sewing, Hilde


  1. Great little sewing bag! It'll come handy when you move (again) and all your sewing stuff is in the container ;). Have a good week. Hugs Vreni

  2. What a cute little kit. I love the colours. YOu and I certainly have the same taste for colour :)

  3. cute, practical and lovely kit!

  4. Je bent me ook altijd te snel af! Hij is mooi geworden.

  5. Such pretty colours especially the hot pinks !


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