Friday 8 October 2010

Ripped apart...

When our DD was born, now almost 22 years ago, a lovely bunny came into our life to watch over her in her cot.
The two of them became inseparable; wherever she went, he came along with her. Despite always having the fear of losing "Knuffel" (Dutch for cuddle), this lovely bunny staid with her wherever she went and was always sharing her dreams at nighttime.
Now my DD is living in London for a few months and Knuffel is here in our apartment in Holland, waiting patiently for her to join her when she moves on to her next stage in life.

My DH was home for the past 2 weeks and I had time to work on small projects because he needed the table for his work.
One day this week, when I came home , our ND (Naughty Dog) was enjoying himself with Knuffel! Eyes and nose ripped out of his old face, stuffing coming out of his neck... OMG, my first aid sewing kit suddenly came in handy! 
I was just working on an old top, which I made a long time ago. I did not like the style anymore, too wide everywhere, but I still liked the colours and the ajour pattern.

With the sewing machine I made the body part tighter and instead of the sleeves, I added a crochet border. The same crochet I added around the neck and the waist. And now it looks nice again!

While fixing Knuffel I felt like a puppet doctor, stitching back in the eyes and nose. My ND was very interested in the whole operation and looked very pleased at the final result... But of course I told him he'd better not even think about it!!!
Knuffel looks cute again, although with a bit more wrinkles!  Hilde


  1. Hij is weer mooi geworden na zijn ongeluk, hihihi!
    Groeten Marijke

  2. Gelukkig is Knuffel weer helemaal opgeknapt! Gezellig dat DH weer even thuis was! Groetjes Hubertine

  3. Zo zie je maar, a mother's job is never done!

  4. You did well with your first aid on Knuffel. I wonder if ND did it because he was missing your DD and he wanted some attention!

  5. Good as old gold! Poor little Knuffel, suffering on ND's paws! I agree with Oops-Lah! ND was crying for attention.

  6. @ Vreni & Gina: you are so right! Now my husband is away again for a couple of weeks, he will be my center of attention with cuddles, walks and play! :-D

  7. Knuf is goed gemaakt zo te zien.
    Hilde, hier wordt ook hard gewerkt.......
    Fijn weekend.
    Groet, Hennie

  8. Knuffel heeft het weer overleefd, heb je goed gedaan. Je topje vind ik ook heel leuk geworden.
    fijne zondag.
    Groetjes Ineke


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