Monday 6 December 2010

Snow sew sew

All blocks, 90 in total, sewn together and spread out on the floor. Well, because the table and carpet has to move out of the way to make space for this action, Mr. Bickel takes the chance. I was hesitating if I would make the quilt smaller to make the quilting by machine go easier, or do it in 2 pieces, but I just left it as it was.

Outside the first snowstorm passed and left a thick white carpet on the streets. Freshly fallen snow, I love it and so does Mr. Bickel! Outside my window  birds are coming and going to the feeding station on the small balcony.
Inside my old Bernina, about 18 years already, is doing a great job with quilting in the ditch and diagonal lines over this huge quilt. The quilt seems to be growing while pushing it through the small opening next to the needle. It is a hurdle I do not like and I am afraid to pucker the quilt.

Quilting is finished, what a relief! Now only the binding and I will concentrate on my flight to Brazil next week: dogs health check, official stamps for customs, 2 kennels, 2 suitcases to pack, cleaning the flat, lunch with friends, one more quilt bee with my new friends and many other things... Hilde


  1. What a beautiful and rich combination of colours !

  2. Hi Hilde, I'm sitting here surrounded by boxes (I'm sure you can imagine it very well ;)....
    I love your batik quilt and I'm "gob smacked" how fast you made it. And I'm envying you the snow. I also want some.... Hugs Vreni x

  3. Zo dat heb je gauw gemaakt, zal je dochter wel prachtig vinden!
    groeten Marijke

  4. Wauw Hilde, wat heb je dat snel gedaan! Echt prachtig, idd je dochter zal daar heel blij mee zijn! Wat komt het nu dichtbij dat je vertrekt naar Brazilië! Wellicht vrijdag dat ik nog zie in de SC! (en dat het dan net even niet druk is!) Groetjes, Hubertine

  5. Wat heb je dat snel gedaan en het is een mooi kado voor je dochter. En goede reis en hopelijk moeten we je niet te lang missen

  6. Zo snel en zo mooi! Ik ben helemaal weg van de kleuren en de stoffen, Prachtig!!!
    Groetjes Ineke


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