Tuesday 15 March 2011

One night in Rio!

Yes, I went to Rio de Janeiro for only one night to see the Carnival parade of the finalists! This takes place in a special stadium, the so called Sambadrome: a long street with stands on either side. We were lucky to be invited by a company and were able to enjoy the parade from a camerote, with food and drinks... The parade started at 9pm and went on until the wee hours (6am)!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Ja, ja, we zijn voor een nachtje naar Rio de Janeiro op en neer geweest om naar de carnavalsoptocht te kijken! Het was de optocht van de finalisten en begon om 9 uur 's avonds en eindigde om 6 uur 's morgens. We waren uitgenodigd door een bedrijf en konden van het hele geberen genieten vanuit een camarote, een soort skybox. Hapjes, drankjes, de hele nacht door...

Hier zijn een paar foto's! Geniet!

All the colours were a feast to the eyes! How all the Brazilian enjoyed and danced the samba was just amazing! The next day we walked along the beach and soaked up some energy, enough to get our batteries recharged again!

De kleuren en de sambamuziek, het was een en al genieten deze avond. Wat kunnen die Brazilianen feesten zeg! De volgende dag hebben we heerlijk langs het strand gelopen en kwamen helemaal weer bij van alle stress van de afgelopen tijd. Onze batterijtjes zijn weer opgeladen en we kunnen er weer tegenaan!

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Ciao from Brasil, Hilde


  1. That's nice you made it to Rio this year!
    Truly the Carnival in Brazil is an experience!
    Lots of people comment on the carnival here in London - but it is small in comparison.
    I hope you enjoyed it and had a good time.
    The sea of colours of each 'escola de samba' is amazing!

  2. Wat zal dat een geweldige belevenis zijn geweest !

  3. That parade looks amazing!!It would be fun to see something that spectacular.

  4. It looks very coloursful! Must have been a special experience!
    Yesterday, Liv and I made boxes and we had to look at this blog several times to see how you made the dividers. Never made them that way, but it worked beautifully.
    I'm also working on Liv to join our pin cushion swap. Let's see if she goes for it.
    Vreni x

  5. What a bath in color! Must be overwhelming! And then to go home and put this mass of color into quilts and patterns and boxes and ... pincushions :-))
    x Hilde

  6. Hello Hilde, I imagine that should not be easy to get used to people so different. But I wish that your stay in Brazil is quite good. I knew your blog through a friend:, Eliane Zerbinatti. Know that we love to receive people from abroad. 'I hope that you enjoy and get used here.Come meet some of my works:
    www.flickr.com / photos / divania_nogueira
    I do not speak English, I'm using a translator. Sorry if it was not so good.

  7. I'm glad you liked Carnival! We feel the "tambores" in our heart, don´t you agree? My family is from Rio but I live in the country, in Minas Gerais state. It is a nice place to visit, full of brazilian history. I'll make a post about the pincushion swap in our blog. Come visit us!
    hugs jenine

  8. Wauw dat ziet er kleurrijk uit! Dat was zeker genieten!


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