Tuesday 22 February 2011

Talking laundry

Do you have the same funny habit? When I need to do something that I don't like doing or I am afraid it will turn out wrong, I tend to leave it and walk around it in circles.

This time around it is a quilt that hang on the wall for a couple of years while living in Vietnam. The wind of the air-conditioning blew along it all that time and the quilt looked really bad when I unpacked it a few weeks ago. Last week I put it in the living room, so I would not forget to wash it. As you can imagine, this past week went by and I walked around this quilt in the hope it would tell me it was okay to be washed. There are many red fabrics on it and many light coloured as well. What if it was going to bleed...  

"Just keep it moving and do not soak" I suddenly realized (or was it the quilt that spoke to me?)

The water did turn red, deep red. But the fabrics stayed fine and even became more bright! Phew, this is one of those few moments a machine like this comes in handy: as soon as I could see the water was getting too dark, I just turned the program to rinse and spinning.

Drying in the washing room
And now this Poppy Love is hanging again!

And I like it even more!

Sneak peak of my work in progress:

Ciao from Brazil, Hilde


  1. I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your quilt!! The added appliques are so nice~

  2. Hi Hilde!
    Very beautiful quilt! Parabéns!!!

  3. Lucky you! I'm always putting some "colour catcher sheets" in when I wash quilts. I'm sure you'll be able to get them in Brazil as well. Beautiful quilt; I don't think I've seen that one already, or have I? Hugs Vreni x

  4. It looks great to me. I love it. I am always afraid to wash my quilts.

  5. Die quilt is prachtig uit de was gekomen, wat een leuke quilt een beetje art-quilt met die losse bloemblaadjes. Zie een hele andere kant van je quiltwerk... vraagje bij je geckoquilt heb je de applique ondergevouwen of maak je een ruwe rand?
    groetjes Marijke

  6. @ Marijke: for the Gecko quilt I use free-machine applique with a raw end finishing. Doei!

  7. Beautiful hearts and flowers, and how nice: also a happy end!

  8. Daar heb ik nou ook last van. De schedelquilt heeft een paar dagen gehangen voordat ik hem ben gaan wassen, met een paar doekjes van clourcather. Ik was ook erg blij toen hij eruit kwam. WIP ziet er spannend uit.

  9. Dat zal zeker spannend zijn geweest, maar gelukkig....hij ziet er fantastisch uit! Het zal een groot genoegen zijn om al je schatten weer om je heen te hebben!
    Geniet er van,
    groetjes Hubertine


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