Friday 14 January 2011

Room with a view

It's raining in São Paulo and I think about all the victims from the torrential rains and devastating landslides near Rio de Janeiro. At the same time there is the news about Brisbane and surrounding areas and the high waters in my home country Holland. One of the biggest difference is, as far as I can see, that mainly poor people are effected in Brazil by this natural disaster, and I have no idea if their neighbours will reach out to them when rebuilding their lives. This compared to Australia, where many stand up to help out their effected countrymen.

This past week I finished one more block for my House quilt and... I have been to the quilt shop not too far away from my place! There were some lovely ladies who really tried to understand what I wanted to say. The language is some sort of a roadblock that has to be taken and I am working on it. In the meantime I am happy to have this shop Ida e Kika (click here for the link) so nearby to get inspired!

It is pouring at the moment and my dog Bikkel is scared for the thunderstorm that is nearby. Today is the last day the apartment is empty and the thunder echoes through the bare rooms. Tomorrow the movers are bringing in all the boxes and furniture that has been standing in the port of Santos for the past 6 weeks. Can you imagine how thrilled I am, never have been so much, to have chaos in my house for the next coming days?!!

My sewing room is ready to receive the table, cabinets, books, cardboard, papers, fabrics etc. The room is not so big and therefor difficult to take a picture. I hardly can't wait to see this room transformed into my new art-room.

In the meantime I hope this weather will pass quickly and all victims and survivors of the landslides will get help as soon as possible. Hilde


  1. Hilde I love the block you made.
    How lucky you are to have a quiltshop nearby.
    As I work in a quiltshop in Amsterdam I know what a difference in language means. I speak German, English and French but sometimes...
    Pictures of the water in Brasil and Australia were on the news. I think of the people who it concerns.

  2. Wat een schattig quiltwinkeltje heb je gemaakt!
    groeten Marijke

  3. Een heel mooi winkeltje heb je gemaakt. en geweldig dat je een quiltwinkel hebt ontdekt, trouwens die maken leuke dingen.


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