Thursday 25 November 2010

New house on the block

If you google 'house on the block' you get a lot of different options: ugliest, loudest, spookiest, coolest, best, looniest house... well, this one is certainly none of those, it is the latest one I made for my Dream House Quilt. Because that is what I still do: dreaming about our next house in Sao Paulo.

With Cosmo embroidery threads, I have spruced up some houses I finished before.

Our new home should have at least one room for my sewing and box making, some flowers in pots will be added and with the dogs there too it will be quickly my new best place to be!

Because we have not found a place yet, I will stay in Holland for a few more weeks. More sewing can be done on this quilt while slowly the snowflakes will start covering the streets. Just hoping to be in Brazil in time for Christmas!

And yes, I finished my Saturday project. It was an easy and simple design. This is me in my mom's garden!


  1. Wat een schattig rokje is het geworden, staat je fantastisch!
    En... hoop dat je snel net zo'n leuk huis krijgt als die je aan het maken bent!
    Groetjes Marijke

  2. Your houses look absolutely lovely! But what a bummer about your house hunt in Brazil. BTW this week we had an mini reunion. Heather was here and Maggie and Liv also came for lunch. Of course your name came up as well and everybody was commenting how much they love you blog ;). Maggie is leaving in January and Liv in June. I'll be last "man" standing ;(.

  3. Ziet er leuk uit!!!! Jij en je hond!!!
    Ik hoop ook dat jullie snel een lekker plekje vinden in Sao Paolo!
    Groetjes, Hubertine

  4. Heb je het rokje al klaar. Wat is ie leuk. De huisjes vind ik heel erg mooi.


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