Thursday 11 November 2010

Looking for a house

Outside autumn is sending in rain and wind to play with the leaves on the streets. They even try to uproot some trees!
Inside music plays and I think about the next house to design. Is it a coincidence we have to look for another apartment in Sao Paulo after the contract for our first choice did not come through and I am stitching houses on blocks? Ah well, at least I can keep playing with colours and dream of our next home.
Our furnishings are loaded in a container and will go on a ship tomorrow. It will take about 3 weeks to arrive in Brazil and another few weeks before being cleared by the customs. In the meantime I stay in Holland in our small apartment, building my stash of house blocks with Japanese fabrics and think about a name for this quilt... Any suggestions? ;-) Hilde


  1. All the houses in the world! what would you think of that. Veel succes met alles wat in het verschiet ligt. De huizen worden leuk en waar je ook bent aan muren en een dak heb je in principe al genoeg.

  2. Hi Hilde, I love house quilts and this one will be very special. Do you design each house yourself? I also like it that the background blocks are hexagon and not just square blocks. Can't think of a name right now, if I do, I'll let you know. Cheers Vreni x

  3. beautiful houses and I hope you'll find your 'Des Res' in Brazil very soon.
    The Japanese fabrics are lovely to work with.


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