Monday 15 November 2010

Back to work

Thanks for all of you who voted for my doggy and my quilt Floating Flowers over the past weekend in the quilt contest from the quilters gallery! I did not make it though; there were many other beautiful quilts you could vote for. Never mind.

So let's get back to business! My parents were at my place for the weekend and I got a bit more quilting done on my UFO. Hopefully it will be finished before I leave for Brazil. I want to leave it behind in our apartment in Holland. 
This apartment is our save place where we can stay every time we come back from overseas. My UFO would be a nice quilt on one of the single beds where the kids usually sleep when they come back to Holland. The both live abroad; my DD lives in London and my DS in New York City. That happens when you drag them along while living overseas for more than 20 years... ;-)

A few more stitches and this quilt should be finished just in time. Hilde


  1. Ach jammer, je hebt vast weer een kans als je deze quilt af hebt, hij is prachtig. Misschien is de prijs dan nog mooier, hihi!
    Groetjes Marijke

  2. Via de quiltinggallery ben ik op je blog gekomen. Wat een heerlijke quilt om weer te zien als je 'terug op honk' bent, wat een reizig bestaan zeg, met je wortels en kids zo verspreid. De Japanse huisjes zijn mooi, lekker werkje om te doen he.

  3. It looks great from what I can see. I hope you will show us the whole quilt soon. Vreni v


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