Wednesday 27 October 2010

Moving on

The mover has brought some boxes to the apartment so I can start packing my sewing and boxing stuff, clothes and books.
What to bring to the other side of the world, what can I leave behind in Holland. For sure I do not need my winter clothes as summer starts in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Of course all my fabrics will come along, my new pincushion from the swap, and my shoes ;-D. My Bernina will be packed last!

Moving to a new country is sometimes daunting. This will be my 8th international move, but it still makes me nervous, what to expect, will I make friends again, will I be able to set up workshops for Geckoboxes again? How long will it take before our furnishings will arrive at the new place, will the apartment be fine, can the dogs adapt quickly to the new climate...

While packing and making other preparations, my thoughts are going into all directions.
Before, when we arrived in a new place, the kids used to play in the empty boxes while I tried to get the house sorted out as quick as possible. This time around, they are not coming along as they are now living in London and New York. But hopefully with Christmas we can come together in our new place and hopefully, all boxes will be unpacked by that time..

Talking about cardboard: a few weeks ago I went to the Valkhof Museum and visited the exhibition 'O Fortuna'. One of the participating artist had made fishes out of cardboard, simple yet beautiful. I have no idea why I am attracted to this kind of art.

Anyway, the boxes have to be filled, the house to be cleaned, the dogs have to be up to date with their vaccinations, and saying goodbye to family and friends. Partir, c'est mourir un peu... New experiences are ahead and I want to make the best out of it! Will keep you posted about the move! Hilde


  1. Hi Hilde,
    I do not envy you! - I have done it twice and that's enough for me.
    I wish you all the very best. You will be fine and I hope you'll enjoy the brazilian crafts, fabrics and threads.
    Me too am off to Brazil early December for a couple of months. If you ever need a 'helping hand' I'll be happy to oblige.
    warm wishes

  2. Ik wil je heel veel sterkte toewensen, ik moet er niet aan denken om weer te verhuizen!

  3. I know exactly how you feel. It will be different this time without the kids (no new school) but you will be fine. I'm sure hoards of people are waiting for you there to learn the art of French cartonnage ;). Good luck my friend. V x

  4. Komt goed. Wordt reuze leuk in Brazilie. En we hebben het Internet!! Nog niet teveel naaispullen inpakken, dat kan wel wachten; begin maar met je kleren en schoenen en boeken ;)

  5. At our last move, we had about 500 boxes. We have lived in about 10 homes in the past 20 years, in Asia & America. I used to think the saddest thing is having to find a woman-friend all over again. So recently, I just make sure my kids are my closest friends - less painful when it's time to leave again. So far, they are still too young to live on their own.


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