Monday 13 September 2010

Surprise surprise!

Vreni from Oops-lah gave me an award, my very first one!  She was my very first follower and pushed me to get started. It makes the sun shine on a blue Monday!  And most of all, it comes in my favorite colour! I know Vreni from the years I lived in Singapore and we still share the box making and quilting crafts.

There is only one 'but': the award can only be mine if I reveal seven facts about myself. Seven facts, uhhh.. well...

1. When I grew up, my mom was always sewing clothes and wall hangings while my dad was making objects out of wood and clay. That's where it all started.
2. My DH and I met 31 years ago and are married for 26 years now, never a dull moment with him!
3. I am so proud of my DD who is moving to London next weekend for her studies and my DS who studies and works in New York City. Life wasn't always easy for them when we moved around the world and they had to switch friends and schools a every so often.
4. In Italy I got hooked to cappuccino! A day is not complete without a freshly brewed strong cappuccino in the morning while reading the newspaper.
5. My favorite drink is Prosecco! Especially when together with friends!
6. My favorite food is Italian,
7. So can you guess my favorite country I lived so far? Yep, Italy! I lived in Bogliasco for 3 years, a beautiful small town along the Mediterranean Sea.

And now, it is my turn to pass the award on to some of my favorite blogs I know so far. 
They are from:

Marjolein and Marijke who I both met at my Dutch Bee (quilt group) in The Hague,
Aart who makes beautiful quilts and is an enthusiastic blogger,
Jeannet who likes to share her inspirations and organized my very first pincushionswap
Julia whose stories inspire me and her paintings are simply beautiful

Have a look at theirs and let you inspire!

Cheers, Hilde


  1. Hilde!
    What a lovely surprise and how thoughtful of you to choose my little blog to give an award to!
    I shall have to get my thinking cap on, and try and dream up 7 unusual things to share with you all!
    Thank you so much, Im happy you enjoy my work!

    Love Julia x x x

  2. Ohh, Hilde, wat een lieve verrassing is me dat zeg! dank je hartelijk, ik hoop dat ik vandaag voor jou een verrassing heb in je postbus......hahaha, wat zou dat nou zijn....

    Hartelijke groetjes, Jeannet

  3. Hilde, ik ben blij verrast, ik neem jouw award graag in ontvangst, ik heb ook geshopt bij de andere blogs en kom tot de ontdekking dat ik in goed gezelschap ben! Dank je wel! You make my day!


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