Thursday 16 July 2020

For the love of African Fabrics

Still from my introduction to box making video
Still from my introduction to Box Making video

A few days ago I was interviewed by Miriam Galadima - Benson of Quilts Africa Fabrics in Nigeria. We talked about our passion for African Fabrics and I showed her a few of my quilts. Due to delayed internet connection the video is sometimes blurred and not always in sync. This created hilarious moments! ;)

The interview is now on my Youtube channel.

In the first part of this video is a short introduction video to box-making included. At 21 minutes the interview starts where I tell a little bit about my creative journey and show some of my African Quilts.

Introduction to Box Making video

If you would like to watch the introduction to Box Making video only (or have a better sight) click on the link here below! Maybe even better: subscribe to my channel!

Have fun watching!

Groetjes, Hilde


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed last week's African fabrics interview and you were awesome! And I loved seeing you in your studio teaching how to make a box. You look really well by the way. xx

    1. The whole show was so interesting and inspiring! I had fun watching them all!
      I feel good and love to be back 'in business'! It’s basically the best thing to do during this pandemic!

      X Hilde

  2. Thanks for the video. You made the whole process seem possible. The part that is still missing for me is how you put the cardboard box together

    1. Hi, this video is a quick demo of the whole process of making a box. On my YouTube channel you will find all the steps of the whole procedure, including glueing the box parts together.


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