Wednesday 17 February 2021

A new instruction video on my YouTube channel

Oops, I noticed I never published the 3rd part of the box making tutorial for the second level box on my YouTube Channel! This tutorial guides you through the proces of measuring and cutting the panels for the inside of a box likes these ones.

At my YouTube channel Hilde Hoogwaerts you can find different instruction videos of how to make boxes from scratch. 

What kind of board do I use

The basic ingredient for my boxes is grey board, aka cardboard or binder board. This kind of board is Ph neutral or acid free and is long-lasting without causing dis-colouring the material you will add on top.  You can find these kinds of material on the internet in the States under Davey Book Binders Board, Lineco Neutral Ph (or Acid Free) Binders Board or under bookbinding grey board. I normally buy sheets with a thickness of 2mm (0.07"), 2.5mm (0.098") and 3mm (0.118").

This is the video:

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Can you do this with kids? Yes you can! They just need a little supervision when using the box cutter to cut the grey boards. I have had many kids to my box making workshops together with their moms and they always loved to make their own storage box for their pencils or scrunchies to name a few things.

Groetjes, Hilde

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