Monday 12 October 2020

Charm Packs with 42 different African prints!

It's about time to start cutting into my African fabric stash to make Charm Packs! 
I love Charm Packs because they are a fast and fun way to make an effective quilt. Especially with the abundance of colours in the African prints these fabrics will make everybody happy.
One charm pack is a bundle of 42 pieces of 5" squares of pre-cut fabric.

42 different prints in one Charm Pack

Most African prints are sold by the yard or even by 6 yards! When I bought my fabrics in Accra - Ghana I often came home with 6 yards of one print. If I was lucky they cut off 2 yards of one print. So the best thing was to go with some friends and split the 6 yards between us. There were always so many beautiful prints available at the markets that we often came home carrying heavy bags full with fabrics! So it's about time to cut them up and share with whoever is interested.

A stack of pre-cut Charm Packs

Things you can do with a Charm Pack

With the Holiday season ahead of us and to keep ourselves sane during these insecure times it's just fun to make small presents for our loved ones like coasters, placemats, a baby quilt, a tote bag, etc. For a baby quilt for instance, you need 2 charm packs. By using a charm pack as a beginner quilter you can grow your skills by making small projects.

A baby quilt made with 5" squares

Now available!

These Charm Packs are now available through my Etsy shop or by contacting me by email, see contact form at the top right. I also sell African FQs too. If you are interested just send me a note and I will get back to you! 

Cheers! Hilde

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