Monday 10 February 2020

'Bird Dance' found a new home

One of my favourite Bird quilts has flown out of the nest.
I was finally ready to let it go...
Because I knew the new nest would be welcoming it with love, I was able to send it across the ocean.

'Bird Dance' is a 1 meter square quilt mounted on a canvas frame.
It is one in a series of African Kaleidoscopic quilts I made when living in Ghana for 3 years. While making these kind of quilts I tried by bringing together odd colours and African prints in a certain way the kaleidoscope, or mandala, would come out better every time I made a new one.

close-up of Bird Dance

All fabrics used are genuine African textiles from the GTP factory in Ghana and Vlisco in The Netherlands. 

Especially the red bird print is one of my favourite African prints. 
It comes in many different colours and has many different meanings.

Swallows are a symbol of good luck. However the print also symbolises asking for a favour, such as the hand of a young woman. In Benin the print signifies asking for permission to have an audience with the king, while in Togo the print is called 'Air Afrique' because the fabric was used in the uniform of the local airline company.
In Ghana the pattern refers to the transience of riches: rich today, poor tomorrow, for money has wings and can fly away. (*source Vlisco Fabrics*)

Don't worry, I don't feel like I have an empty nest now! 
On the contrary: I am making space for new projects! If you are interested in my quilts and/or boxes please keep an eye on my webshop at Etsy as I will be adding more items soon.

Cheers, Hilde


  1. Het voelt als een kind dat het nest verlaat.......................Maar als je weet dat het op een goede plaats terecht komt heb je er vrede mee.
    Lieve groeten van Mien B. uit Deurne

  2. It's always hard to let your baby, eh I mean your quilt, leave the nest. But it's great that it's going to a good home and no doubt you'll already working on a replacement. I have a hard time parting with a box, never mind a quilt ;)! xx


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