Monday 4 November 2019

Back to the studio!

It's been a while since I posted last time but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything! My strength is coming back, physically as well as emotionally, and very important: it's starting to itch to go back into my studio and start making again!

I was lucky to have had an order to make hatboxes and slowly get back into making. First I made a sample with African fabrics which turned out really well if I may say so ;)

The front

The back/bottom with the hinges made out of fabric


After this one was approved I was asked to make 8 more with fabric provided for by 'Queen of Your Castle', a special coaching program for women to build up inner strength.
They embroidered their logo on the fabric for the lid before giving it to me. The handles and clasps will be added onto the boxes later by the client. Hope to show you a picture later!

Happy to be making again!

Cheers, Hilde


  1. So glad to see you in your studio again. Your boxes are fabulous and very professional looking as always. I was wondering what the logo was, now I know! xx

  2. Prachtige dozen Hilde ! Ik zou de doos kiezen met de Afrikaanse stof ;een BEAUTY !

  3. Wat een leuke opdracht om aan te werken !

  4. Geweldig dat je weer enthousiast aan het werk bent Hilde en met zulke mooie resultaten.


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