Monday 24 October 2016

Stilt village Ganvie in Benin

De volgende stop was Ganvie, een stadje op palen midden in het Nokoue meer. In 1700-1800 is deze stad in het midden van het meer gebouwd om aan de slavenhandel te ontkomen. Nu wonen er zo'n 20.000 mensen. Vishandel is hun voornaamste bron van inkomsten.
In 1996 is het op de Werelderfgoedlijst geplaatst.

The next stop was Ganvie, a stilt village in Lake Nokoue, built in the years 1700-1800 to escape the slave trade. Nowadays there live about 20.000 people in the village. Their main indusrty is fishing and fish farming.
In 1996 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Going on board

View from the pier

Fishing nets

Street towards the village

They don't like to be photographed

Sticks along the waterway indicate the different owned fishing fields

After 15 minutes we come close to the village

Mobile phone shop

Approaching the hotel

View from the hotel balcony
Opposite the hotel

Buying some bananas from a floating shop

Off they go to the next client

Sunset over Ganvie

The next day

Saying farewell to the guard and owner of the hotel


A traditional house


"Can we visit your home?"

Mama looks after the pots on the fireplace

Family pictures on the wall

My travel buddy having fun with the kids

"Merci! Au revoir!"

Floating shops

Market place

Chopped wood for cooking

No pictures please!

Grace's Haute Couture shop

New roof material

Fishing with the city on shoe in the distance

Weer terug op vaste land en door naar de volgende stop.
Back to shore and on to the next stop in Benin.

To be continued!

Groetjes, Hilde

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