Thursday 12 May 2016

A visit to Atsiekpoe

Atsinkpoe village,
its name meaning Home of the Cashew Tree, pronounced as "a-tjémpe",
is a small village on the green banks of the Volta river. 
This village is adopted by the travel agency JOLINAIKO 

 I took my visitors to this small, friendly and charming village for a day trip. 
To get there we drove for about 1.5 hour by car and we had to cross the river by boot.

A girl fetching water from the river

Ingredients for palm nut soup and desert

Satellite disc

Haircut with a razor blade

All smiles

Frolicking kids

Barber shop

weavers working on Sunday

Meeting with the chief

A message from the chief

Sunday's sermon in the small church

Boy Band

Singing, dancing and praying

This lady ask me to dance


Inside the small museum

African colours

Mango-happen ;)

Doing the laundry

Back home

For more info regarding this village just click on this link

Groetjes, Hilde

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