Wednesday 5 January 2011

New look!

My DS made me a new business card and helped me to chance the picture of the above header. What do you think of it?

Next step will be to chance the logo on my website. That will happen when I know how and when and where the workshops are going to take place.
I am very eager to get started! Hilde

The back of my new green(!) business card ;-)


  1. I love it.I have been playing with my site too, and with my new laptop. Now there is a challenge. I love learning new things. Good Job!!!

  2. I liked it very much! And the dog's picture is so cute!!!

  3. I already saw it yesterday! It looks great! I love it. So good to have a creative daughter, isn't it. As they say; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Or as my Irish friend used to say; she didn't lick it off the grass ;). Are your kids still with you? Vreni x

  4. Hi Hilde,
    I'm very pleased to exchange siggies with you! My address is on the Annelies's list, however I'm sending you an email.

  5. Hilde, wat leuk!! De website ziet er ook mooi uit.

    Groet, Hennie

  6. Hoi Hilde, het ziet er "gelikt" uit! Voel je je al een beetje thuis in Sao Paulo? Of is dat nog te vroeg? Je kent natuurlijk al wel de klappen van de zweep! Ik kom wel een workshop bij je volgen! ;) Good luck! Groetjes, Hubertine


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