Friday 21 January 2011

My new sewing & box-making room

Welcome in my new art-room!

After one week of hard work all 324 boxes, including beds, tables, chairs, etc, almost everything is unpacked and has a new destination in the house. Every item goes through our hands and that makes it so much work. Because the apartment is much smaller than the house we had before, we have to decide what can stay and what has to go. It would have been so much easier if we had known where we were going when we packed the house in Vietnam. But that has not been the case and all furniture has been in storage for almost 19 months.

Some people who passed by the street, took card boxes and left all the wrapping paper on the street, what a mess it was! Fortunately it did not rain!

Our apartment is on the 8th floor and two items, the sofa and one cabinet, had to be 'air-lifted' because they did not fit in the elevator.

This was my room at the beginning of this week, and now it looks like the picture above. I know, it is still a bit messy with loose cables from the computer and TV, and not everything in its final place, but I am so happy to have it all around me again!

My cabinet with fabric covered boxes made to measurement. Inside are beads and ribbons and tools for box making. On the two bottom shelves crates with fabrics. To the right of the cabinet are cardboard sheets, enough for the coming year. To the left are rolls of bookbinders linen. 
All these colours make me happy every time I am in this room. It is time to get sewing, I have a few Siggies to make and send them overseas! Hilde


  1. I know what you mean about moving from a big house to a smaller apartment. I had to do the same when we came back to Singapore. But your sewing room looks great, Hilde! And so fast. I only just managed to organize my sewing room now after more than a month, but then Christmas was in between. I will post some pictures of my sewing room soon too, so keep your eyes peeled. Love Vreni xx

  2. Wat een karton, hihihi!
    Maar je kamer is super geworden, begint het al te kriebelen om wat op het machientje te maken?
    Vandaag onze bee....
    Wish you were here....
    groetjes Marijke

  3. Oh to have this room!! Love your bespoke cabinet and boxes the most. Something to aspire to!

  4. Hilde, heerlijk weer je eigen creatieve kamertje!
    Maar wat een dozen en wat een werk!!
    Maar al je spulletjes staan weer mooi in de kast, een heel verschil met het begin van de week.
    Fijn weekend!
    Groet, Hennie

  5. Wat heerlijk om al je spulletjes weer om je heen te hebben! Inderdaad lekker genieten! Gaat het goed met Geckoboxes?
    Groetjes, Hubertine

  6. your craft room is looking good ! thanks for sharing :)
    my best wishes for a very crafty and creative time in São Paulo :)

  7. Fijn dat weer alles op zijn plaats staat, maar wat een werk. Nu kun je weer naar hartelust aan je hobby werken.

  8. Hard gewerkt meisje, tijd om wat leuks te doen!

  9. What an incredibly rich and interesting life you must lead. Your 'cut the cord' title brought me because I try to work outside the box and I thought that would be what the post is about. Your travels must let you touch creative bases we can't even image.

    I'll try not to commit the sin of envy :)
    Happy move! Sharyn


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