Saturday 29 January 2011

Cut the cord!

Cut the cord!
To get back into the swinging sewing mood, I had to cut the cord. This is something I hesitate doing! I way much more prefer buying a new cord with a different plug attached, but that means I have to wait, maybe for a couple of weeks, before I can sew. With all other electric appliances I couldn't care less, but with my Bernina....

Every time we move, we come into the same situation: the plugs do not fit into the wall sockets because of their differences in shapes. This time, it is not only the difference in the shape of plugs and wall sockets, but the difference in electrical output as well! All our electrical appliances are for 220V - 50 Herz, while here in Brazil the output is mainly 110V - 60 Hertz.
Halfway the operation

Well, can you imagine how much I love my Bernina?! This Rolls Royce of a sewing machine you can just plug into the wall without even blinking and to worry if it will blow up or not! With it's build in transformer it sews all around the world! It's only a matter of 'cutting the cord' and change the plug! Take a deep breath and just do it!

I did it and I can tel you that the operation is accomplished! My Bernina is sewing again! And I feel already much better!
It is whrooming again!

In the meantime, a new washing machine has entered the house and that was finally the end of doing the clothes by hand! Pffew, it took a few days to get the stack of linen washed and back into the cabinets.

During the past weeks I had to change my mindset that washing only can be done with warm water: here in Brazil most machines do not heat the water and all programs are with cold water. In the kitchen area there is no hot water output, unless you install a special machine. Hmmm, well, I will adapt to this new concept and boil some water if the pots and pans are very dirty, but still, it feels a bit strange.
Siggy output

While telling you all this, I almost finished some Siggies. Since moving to Brazil, I get a lot of requests from other collectors overseas. I better finish them today and put them in the mail as soon as possible! Hilde


  1. O jeetje wat griezelig, maar gelukkig is alles weer goed gekomen. De Matroesjka's op je siggies zien er leuk uit. Is dat een applicatie of een borduurtje ik kan het helaas niet goed zien.

  2. @ Mai: de Matroesjka's zijn een applicatie! Anders is het allemaal nogal tijdrovend! En ik wil nog zoveel doen...;-)

  3. Hilde, wat een aanpassingen moet je doen! Ben blij voor dat je bernina het weer doet!
    En.. Leuke kleurtjes gebruik je weer!
    Groet, en een fijne zondag.

  4. I have never changed an electrical plug in my life. You are a clever girl! What are those lovely "siggie" blocks for?

  5. @ Vrenie: the Siggies-project is an international one on one block swap. It is started by Annelies van den Bergh in Holland. If you want to participate please take a look at her blog and contact her.

  6. Zei toch dat alles goed zou komen. Je kunt weer naaien!


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