Wednesday 15 December 2010

We made the move!

With 2 dogs, 2 kennels and 2 suitcases I made it safe and sound to Sao Paulo!
We arrived last night and all three of us were tired of all the stress that comes with planning a trip like this.

I was lucky my parents could help me during the last days in Holland with all small errands I had to do. Here they are standing in line before the check-in at the airport of Amsterdam.

It is always hard to see the dogs in their kennels being transport to the no-go area, from where they will be taken to the airplane. They are in a special part of the plane where the air is at room temperature but without television...

My DH, who was already here for the last 6 months, and I are  are staying in a hotel, waiting for the keys to the apartment. We will rent some furniture like a bed and a table until our furniture will arrive.

I am prepared: I have enough fabrics with me, Japanese and K. Fassett, to make a few projects by hand in case the container with our furniture will be delayed.  The first-aid sewing kit is in my suitcase too!

While I am having a cappuccino at Fran's Cafe, outside people are lining up for tickets. It is so crowded and I have no idea for which event tickets are being sold, because I don't speak Portuguese yet. Later I found out it is for a U2 concert in April '11. Well, I prefer going to Brazilian concerts first! But not for now, I first want to 'make my bed' before anything else! Hilde


  1. Goed te horen dat je in Brazilië bent. Dat zal een hele verandering zijn.

  2. Hi Hilde, I've been thinking of you the last couple of days and I'm happy to hear that you (and your four legged friends) made it safely to Brazil. Good luck with everything and take it easy. Just do one thing after the other and everything will get done in the end. Lots of Love Vreni xx

  3. Gelukkig ben je goed aangekomen. Succes met het inburgeren

  4. I think the stuff in my sewing room is multiplying themselves at night. There's over 60 boxes of just fabric! Looking so forward to being in a plane & not seeing any packing boxes around me!

  5. Hi Hilde, Fijn dat jij en de honden goed aangekomen zijn. Hopelijk hoef je niet al te lang op de sleutels en meubels te wachten. Tot die tijd succes met het zoeken naar gehuurde spulletjes en maak er het beste van.
    Groetjes Ineke

  6. Hilde, fijn dat je reis goed is verlopen! Je hebt je wel goed voorbereid, als ik die koffer met lapjes allemaal zie...heerlijk!! Veel geluk gewenst op je nieuwe lokatie!
    Groet, Hennie


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