Wednesday 3 November 2010

Time to sew!

My back is aching, but all boxes are cleared from my place and at the movers'.
This morning I stuffed them all in a van and my Bernina was sitting next to me in the front. I told her to be brave and that I hopefully will see her again in about 7 weeks... That is, if all goes according plan and we can unload the container before Christmas!

Time to relax and sew! This quilt I want to have finished before I travel to Brazil in a couple of weeks. Hmmm, no more boxes around me for the time being. Sew, sew sew! Hilde


  1. Good for you to finish all the packing! And you made another Stack and Whack quilt. Liv and I started one this week, because we loved your Floating Flowers so much. Vreni x

  2. Hope you had the seatbelt on for your baby. BTW: I always thought you have to put babies in the back seat;)
    Very pretty Stack and Whack again, love the colors. Rose-Anne

  3. Anders ga je je toch maar vervelen ;)

  4. Doen je vingers al zeer van het prikken?
    Vind het jammer dat je weggaat!
    Groeten Marijke

  5. I hadn't seen this one, lovely colors! Now there's time for you to quilt, hope all the boxes arrive safely in Brazil :0))


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