Sunday 10 October 2010

A box for a friend

A dear friend of mine celebrated her birthday today and I made her a box. I got to know her in Saigon, Vietnam, where we shared a lot of our daily issues together with a group of other Dutch girls. We both moved back to Holland while the other girls moved on to different continents around the world. As she likes snake print and loves Italy after living there for a couple of years, I used papers with that particular design for the inside and outside and bookbinders linen in cherry pink.

From a cardboard sheet I cut out all pieces, measured to the size of the biggest envelope that was going inside with a bit extra for easy handling. After gluing the parts together I put one whole piece of bookbinders linen around the top and bottom. Next step is adding in the 'inside box' and covering these parts with decorative paper. For the outside paper I tried the design to continue as much as possible from top to front, and from front to sides.

Inside the box there were some surprises for her; personal wishes from all the Saigon girls and a special gift from all of us.


  1. Oh wat mooi! Kan je nog niet voor je weggaat een workshop "doos bekleden" geven. Ik vind het echt schitterend! Groetjes

  2. Dank je Hubertine voor het kompliment. Ik zou het leuk vinden om een workshop te doen, maar heb hier thuis gewoon de ruimte niet.

  3. What a beautiful gift and filled with good wishes!
    That's so special.
    She'll treasure it.

  4. Hilde, it's beautiful! And I think I remember the snake skin paper! Your friend will be so pleased! Vreni xx

  5. Wat een mooi cadeau is het geworden! Leuk om te zien hoe verschillend wij het hebben geleerd; kunnen we elkaar nog op ideeen brengen.
    Ze mag blij zijn met zo'n vriendin.

  6. Heel erg mooi! Leuk om te geven.
    groetjes Ineke


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