Sunday 12 September 2010

Quilt Show

On Friday my DH was supposed to come home from Brazil, to celebrate his birthday and to finalize the paperwork for his Brazilian visa after being away for almost 3 months by now.
Unfortunately, due to slow working officials, he had to delay his flight and will come home in 2 weeks time instead.

To cheer me up my friend Marjolein asked me to come to visit the Dutch Quilters Guild Quilt Show in Deventer, a charming city in the east of Holland!
Of course I jumped at the idea and so we went by train early in the morning. We had a great day, admiring all beautiful quilts hanging in the church, browsing the stands set up by quilt shops from around the country for that particular piece of fabric we needed so badly and a little bit of shopping in the old city center. We took many pictures of all the beautiful colors that seemed to jump of the walls, different combinations and patchwork techniques, all so inspiring! 
Ooh, There are so many more quilts I would love to make! It was a wonderful day and at night I dreamed about pieces of fabric and beautiful patterns swirling around in the air like autumn leaves...
Catch of the day


  1. So sorry to hear that your DH was delayed in coming back but I'm sure that the retail therapy was helpful. The fabrics you've bought are beautiful; what are you planning to do with them? Vreni xx

  2. The show wasn't in Enschede but in Deventer!

  3. Oops! Tnx 4 letting me know! I quickly changed it ;-)

  4. Oooh wat een tegenvaller :( gelukkig een leuke dag met Marjolein gehad! ben benieuwd wat je met "the catch of the day" gaat doen!

  5. ben jaloers, zou ook graag met jou naar de tentoonstelling zijn gegaan. misschien volgend jaar???


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