Tuesday 17 August 2010

My very first quilt

 About 20 years ago, during our first posting overseas, I went to a just opened quilt shop on Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta, Georgia.

With seeing all the fabrics I wanted to learn this craft right on the spot. Here is where I made my sampler in very soft tone colors, very modern for those days. Unfortunately the colors have faded over the years, especially during the years in Singapore where the sun rays were stronger then I expected... Or was the quality of the fabrics in those days not as good as they are now?

I managed to take this quilt out of the storage to take a picture and to decide if I take it with me to our next posting in Brazil or leave it here. Maybe I just take it, just to have my projects with me...

Bickel and Spetter, waiting to go out to the park. Okay guys, let's go!


  1. Take it with you to Brazil, girl!
    Good memories must follow you.
    It is a lovely quilt and I believe there is nothing to do with the quality of the fabrics but rather too many winters this quilt has survived and being loved!
    Very different colours from the tropical countries.

  2. Wat een droppies!!!...en je eerste quilt is ook zo mooi! Ik zou 'm lekker meenemen!! Heb je al enig idee wanneer je naar Brazilië gaat?

  3. Isn't it funny to look at your very fist quilt? My fist one looks nearly identical; same fabrics, same colours and mostly same patterns.

  4. They are so beautiful! And your quilts too!


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