Monday 9 August 2010

My quilt is up on my wall!

In between visits of dear friends from Singapore and Vietnam and my parents, I made the final stitches to Coming Full Circle. It is up on the wall in the living room and I like it a lot! The colors are blending in nicely with the rest of the room.

This is the back of the quilt. There was not enough fabric for the whole of the back, as you can see! The 9 blocks were first quilted by machine and then sown together.The strips of fabric are placed on top of the seams.

And here is a close up.
Because I am not sure yet when the move to Sao Paulo will take place, I better get started with a new project!

Cheers, Hilde


  1. Your quilts looks very good on the wall. Cant wait to see your new project.

  2. Absolutely stunning quilt. Piece of art.
    Are you on the move to Brazil? - I am brazilian and living in the UK.


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