Tuesday 31 August 2010

The Geckoboxes

Why the name Geckoboxes for my box-making hobby? Geckos, or small lizards, have been around our house in Italy, Spain, Singapore and Saigon for many years, sometimes hiding in the boxes I was making. Because they were so little, I was never scared but more surprised by their sudden appearances.
These 2 boxes are made with pictures of paintings made by my Dutch friend Joke. Bringing these colorful pictures together as a mosaic around the corners of a box is one of the things I like to do most.

This heap of boxes is made during workshops I gave in Saigon. It is a mixture of different levels of box-making: beginners, advanced, with paper, fabric, glass top and picture collage.
Right now all my materials are in storage and I am so much looking forward to unpacking them all when we move to Sao Paulo, somewhere in October. Even more so after visiting a another box making lady here in The Hague. She makes beautiful boxes, some of those are for an on-line shop: http://kunstenvliegwerk.nl (click on the URL). She uses printed copies of antique samplers, simply beautiful.

some more Geckoboxes
Cheers, Hilde


  1. Love looking at your boxes. I often go into your other web site, just to drool ;). I haven't really started to make boxes since I'm back in Singapore but will do soon! Lots of Love Vreni

  2. Wat Mooi This dozijn, dat zeer populair See quiltwinkels OOK bakjes ed Staan sterven zijn beplakt voldaan Allerlei Moois . Lijkt Mij OOK VOOR Leuk linealen en tijdschriftenhouders .
    groeten Marijke

  3. ooohhh ben gek op doosjes!!!!!! Ze zien er te gek uit! Groetjes Hubertine

  4. Te gek die doosjes!
    Geef je nog een workshop hier in Holland??

  5. Hoi Stineke, helaas geen workshops in NL... Bestellen kan wel, maar voor lesgeven heb ik geen goede ruimte tot mijn beschikking.


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